Aptovis ARC product line

ARC products are our first generation heat recovery devices. The products consists of a standard core and can be customised for specific power outputs and temperature spans.

The ARC products convert heat into electricity. Once installed they are completely sealed and can use a variety of working fluids dependent upon the desired temperature range. With water as a working fluid the devices operate with a high temperature side of around 200°C. The low temperature side is water cooled with the size of the water heat exchanger variable to match the rejected heat requirement and the available cooling water flow rate and temperature.

At the hot-side interface, 6mm copper tubing is connected to the device (using compression fittings in the standard product, although other connectors can be specified for high volume applications). This copper tube must be exposed to a sufficiently high temperature and be long enough to transfer the required heat. In an internal combustion engine application the copper tube would be integrated with the exhaust system close to the cylinder head to experience a high exit gas temperature.

At the cold side interface, 6mm tubing is connected via compression fittings (again, customisable for high volume applications) and supplies a flow of low temperature cooling water.

The standard electrical interface has both an input voltage and an output voltage. The input supplies the device with power and acts as a reference voltage for the output. The output voltage is slaved to match the input when sufficient heat is supplied at the hot side interface and the maximum power rating is not exceeded.

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For the full specification and product description download the product datasheet.