Recreational CHP

Simultaneously generate heat and electricity to recharge batteries in recreational scenarios.

The following is taken from the Webasto recreational solutions brochure:

“Heating with diesel represents maximum independence. For the fuel comes directly from the vehicle’s tank and thus does not have to be procured separately and is available everywhere. Nowadays, diesel heaters operate very quietly and absolutely odor-free, while being reliable and highly efficient.
Especially when camping in winter and abroad, the fuel-powered heater displays great advantages over the LPG gas heater. In winter a gas heater consumes over 80 percent of the gas supply. Accordingly, suitable gas bottles and adapters must be procured frequently and sometimes in a complicated manner when abroad. With a diesel heater, the gas supply lasts considerably longer. You do not need an extra gas bottle to heat the motorhome and you gain storage space in the vehicle interior. These advantages are decisive for a growing number of owners to opt for the diesel heater.”

Existing recreational diesel heaters provide space heating and water heating in many RV, boat and entertainment event scenarios. These applications also have electricity requirements that are met with a combination of batteries, generators and solar panels. A micro-CHP system, integrated with a diesel heater, would provide an efficient and low cost way of meeting electricity demand. Solar PV is slowly penetrating this market, but micro-CHP is well suited to winter climates where solar performance can be poor.

Typical installations are between 5kW and 10kW of heating capacity and the ARC500, generating 500W of electricity for battery charging, is a good match to this application.