Reduce operating costs by $2,000 per year

In the Genset application, operating costs are dominated by fuel usage. Improvements in efficiency can have rapid payback.

Diesel or LPG generators are frequently used to provide primary power to remote sites as well as providing emergency standby power.

Small Gensets in the 5kW to 20kW range are typically used as primary power for small remote sites as well as backup power for domestic, light commercial and military applications.

Diesel and gas engines are 30 to 40% efficient, the remaining energy is rejected as heat and most of this heat is usually wasted. Larger capacity gensets have high annual operating costs and can withstand a high cost heat recovery system. Small genset applications require a low cost heat recovery solution for acceptable payback periods to be achieved.

The Aptovis ARC500 and ARC1000 products are well suited to this small genset market. As an example, a 5kW diesel generator burns fuel at around $5 per hour at 2015 rates. If the generator is operational for  4,000 hours per year its fuel costs would be $20,000 over that period. An ARC500 represents a 10% improvement in efficiency for a 5kW rated generator, saving $2,000 per year in fuel.

In this application payback times are less that one year when installed in gensets with 50% or greater utilisation.